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Dark Whimsy at Fantastic Fest 2015

Some years at Fantastic Fest the lineup is all about torture porn, or science fiction, or damsel-in-distress films. This year Fantastic Fest is all about dark whimsy, and I couldn’t be more excited about...

Get Your Halloween Theater On

It’s October: which means not only our many Austin festivals, but my continuing over-involvement with the charity spook house Scare For a Cure. If you want to see me in person this month, buy...

Things You Find when you Google Yourself!

I create things, then I forget all about them. Once I’ve published something–or posted a picture on flickr—I tend to forget about whatever it is. I’ve never really been all that curious about how people interact with what I create, once a window of about three days has passed.

I figure, if I spelled anyone’s name wrong, or forgot anything important, it would turn up during that three days. (Three days is, not un-coincidentally, about the turnaround for a huffy letter-to-the-editor to arrive, citing exactly what someone is unhappy about. Trust me on this.)