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On Olympic Bodies

With the recent arrival of the Dobbs verdict, and the further threat to women’s bodily automy, it’s easy to forget that we have been on a road to this for a while. Apart from...

On #SXSW2020

See Anna’s column on the SXSW that didn’t happen, in today’s Dallas Morning News. Click here to read about “Not by Not West.”

Why We Go To Festivals

In case you missed it, here is the long story on festivals that was in the Dallas Morning News.

On Community…in Prison

One of the wildest bits of the soft opening night of the 2017 Day for Night festival was the mini talking-head summit, with a chat between transgender soldier Chelsea Manning (who served time in...

Look at this GREAT policy at Day for Night

Super impressed by this Anti-Harassment Policy at the new Day for Night festival in Houston! Consent is so important! Anti-Harassment Policy Day for Night aims to make the festival experience one that you won’t...