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On Olympic Bodies

With the recent arrival of the Dobbs verdict, and the further threat to women’s bodily automy, it’s easy to forget that we have been on a road to this for a while. Apart from...

Fantastic Debates 2017

The Fantastic Debates are a thing that take place every year at Fantastic Fest . Here’s a snapshot of what happened this year. Enjoy the video/photos of Suki-Rose Simakis in her black jacket taking...

On Carrie Fisher

Our family was just leaving the house to see “Rogue One” at a neighborhood theater in suburban Florida when we heard the news that Carrie Fisher had died. Watching the film, it was hard...

Pasadena, Texas Hot Rod Club

On the way to the grocery store in Pasadena, Texas I chanced into some old dudes and their hot rods. Here are a few photos from that encounter with some classic cars.

Down with the Patriarchy!

Because Patriarchy just won’t go away. Text on shirt reads “Fuck Your Misogynist Bullshit Forever.” Photo taken at the Stargayzer Festival, Austin, Texas 2014.  

Here’s Hoping that this Fantastic Fest Will Be Less Bro-tastic Than Last Year

Ever since Fantastic Fest started in 2005, I’ve told everyone how amazing this sci-fi and horror film festival is. I’ve shared how much fun I’ve had, and how many friends I’ve made there. I’ve got a framed poster for the first year of the festival hanging in my hallway at home.

So it took me a long time to admit to myself how this had turned from a sweet little film festival with a bunch of film nerd folks, to what seemed like a gathering of the nerd juggalos at Fantastic Fest 2012.