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Music Fans: Behave!

You can read Anna’s column on the issue of music fans behaving badly over at the Dallas Morning News. Don’t make Miranda Lambert turn this concert around!

Particle Kid at Paste SXSW 2022!

Data recovery is no joke. I had a card failure in my camera after I had the pleasure of catching the super-fun band Particle Kid at the Paste party at South by Southwest 2022....

More Tanya Tucker!

Anna’s review of the new Tanya Tucker documentary (from SXSW) can be seen on the Canadian site Get Reel Movies!

Dreams Stay With You

Ed note: This post was written in December 2021. It was held until September for reasons that will become clear below. By Jason T Sparks On social media I subscribe to virtually every group...

32 Sounds: A review

You can check out Anna’s South by Southwest review of the movie 32 SOUNDS in the Canadian film site GET REEL MOVIES! Click here to read!