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Burning Man

I haven’t the words to describe Burning Man 2016 yet, but here are a few pictures of the art and my experiences.  You’ll see art on the playa, art cars, burning art, and scenes around...

20 shots for $1

  As the summer of 2016 gets closer, here is a  picture of a classic shooting gallery in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Twenty shouts for a buck is still a bargain!


Don’t make the mistake of searching for “Power Bottom” on the Internet when you can’t remember how this band is spelled. But these dudes in dresses did a great job at their SXSW set!...

Keanu Reeves in Russian

Was surprised to find that the Keanu Reeves Russian Wikipedia page  features one of my pictures (from Fantastic Fest.) It’s a different picture than the one that the English -language Wikipedia uses of him.  

Another Picture in Wikipedia

Nice to see Wikipedia using another one of my pictures. This one is of the “Soska Sisters” from Fantastic Fest!      

Quest Night “Glory and Gold”

Earlier this year my husband did the sound for the “Quest Night” show “Glory and Gold.” After the show closed, I kind of forgot about having taken these pictures! Since tonight’s (Friday Oct 30)...