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Things You Find when you Google Yourself!

I create things, then I forget all about them. Once I’ve published something–or posted a picture on flickr—I tend to forget about whatever it is. I’ve never really been all that curious about how people interact with what I create, once a window of about three days has passed.

I figure, if I spelled anyone’s name wrong, or forgot anything important, it would turn up during that three days. (Three days is, not un-coincidentally, about the turnaround for a huffy letter-to-the-editor to arrive, citing exactly what someone is unhappy about. Trust me on this.)

The Editor of Cooks Source is an Idiot…And I Know This Because Of Having my “Hello Kitty” Article Republished!

Hello Kitty Guitar! In Tokyo! To put things in context for everyone, especially my friends outside the US…. The Internet’s intellectual-property scandal of the day involvesĀ  the magazine Cooks Source re-printing an article by...