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Note from a reader

Dear readers: I’ve decided to introduce a new feature, featuring some of the e-mail that I get to my website. Let me know what you think. On Saturday I wrote a column for the...

Fighting The Scammers

When I was little, my parents ran a business out of our house. Since it was the 70s, most business came in through the telephone. From about the time I could speak, I was...

What Year Is This? Skeeviest “Job” Posting In “Writing Gigs” on Austin Craigslist!

Every so often I look at the Craigslist writing ads, figuring that there might be something useful mixed in among the dreadfulness. Sometimes the cresting point of the dreadfulness is so high that you can’t help but notice it, point at it, and spend time mocking it!

This morning I found a fabulous offer in with the Craigslist “writing” ads, though I suspect that the only writing going on here is what other people will be writing about this job opening!