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My Bushwick Boyfriend

It’s not often that you have a moment of theater linger in your head for days. Yet when when you have a theatrical experience that couldn’t possibly be any better for hitting all of...

What Year Is This? Skeeviest “Job” Posting In “Writing Gigs” on Austin Craigslist!

Every so often I look at the Craigslist writing ads, figuring that there might be something useful mixed in among the dreadfulness. Sometimes the cresting point of the dreadfulness is so high that you can’t help but notice it, point at it, and spend time mocking it!

This morning I found a fabulous offer in with the Craigslist “writing” ads, though I suspect that the only writing going on here is what other people will be writing about this job opening!

Naked Mole Rat “Action” At The Houston Zoo

Zoos have a lot of things: they have feeding times, cute baby animals and lots of stylish creatures sporting always fashionable cheetah, giraffe, leopard and zebra prints!

Yet as nearly anyone who has ever been to the zoo knows, practically the most exciting thing that can happen during your zoo visit is catching two animals in the process of making more animals. That means anytime you head to the zoo and find a crowd assembled—what you’ve often stumbled across is two beasts making the beast with two backs.

Sex and the Secret Service

I suspect that you’ve heard about the Secret Service sex scandal where President Obama’s advance team in Cartagena, Colombia allegedly hired prostitutes, then failed to pay at least one of them. While the investigation...

Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse (aka Watching Vintage Prints with director Quentin Tarantino) (2007)

Dressed in jeans and a black hoodie– and clutching a beer– film director Quentin Tarantino paced in the spotlight of the small stage of the Alamo Drafthouse theater in downtown Austin, Texas. He told...