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Today I wrote about this past weekend’s BodyHacking Con over at Last Night In Austin. Update: You can also view my experience on Storify. Given I was wearing a fracture boot during the event,...

Naked Mole Rat “Action” At The Houston Zoo

Zoos have a lot of things: they have feeding times, cute baby animals and lots of stylish creatures sporting always fashionable cheetah, giraffe, leopard and zebra prints!

Yet as nearly anyone who has ever been to the zoo knows, practically the most exciting thing that can happen during your zoo visit is catching two animals in the process of making more animals. That means anytime you head to the zoo and find a crowd assembled—what you’ve often stumbled across is two beasts making the beast with two backs.

The Buck Stops In Whitehouse, Texas…

Earlier this month there was an unusual “deer attacks man” encounter in the East Texas hamlet of Whitehouse,Texas. The incident described below is not a Saturday Night Live skit nor a report from one of the...

Campus Polo Clubs Are Few but Ardent

Most college polo players come to the sport knowing how to ride a horse, but never having played polo. Terry Jones, the faculty adviser for the New Mexico State club, says most of the polo players are from small agricultural communities in that state.