Author: Anna

Photo: Spiral Staircase in Latvia

In the last few weeks I’ve been spending time sorting through the treasures I’ve found on various planets, upgrading various bits of hardware, and dealing with a lot of off camera hooha that has to...

Scenes From the SPIN Party, SXSW 2012

While we’re thinking about the upcoming SXSW, it’s hard not to think about last year’s party. Here’s a couple of picture from last year’s event! Santigold Evil Eyes, after her band’s set!

Holy Motors: A Dream Logic Film

The logic of dreams is its own kind of magic, following its own rules and associations. First you were one place, then something happened, and you were completely another place…then you were a turtle.

No matter how vivid and magical your dreams are, trying to explain your dreams to anyone else is daunting.

The Buck Stops In Whitehouse, Texas…

Earlier this month there was an unusual “deer attacks man” encounter in the East Texas hamlet of Whitehouse,Texas. The incident described below is not a Saturday Night Live skit nor a report from one of the...

The “Red Dawn” remake is TERRIBLE…as are the fan reactions!

As you may have heard, the remake of the 1984 cult classic “Red Dawn” is a terrible film. Watching it isn’t worth the time and trouble it takes, and it makes me cry for the earth’s resources that were wasted in constructing this bomb. It’s currently in the theater, where name recognition alone may hoodwink innocent eyeballs into paying money to watch this confused mess.