Author: Anna

The Vaccines at Positivus 2012!

While I take a lot of pictures, I’ll admit that I’m not great at sharing them. Here’s a few of the perky group The Vaccines at Latvia’s Positivus Music Festival that I’m really pleased with.

SXSW Eco Coverage: “Green is Good”

The second year of the SXSW Eco conference gathered people from all over the world to discuss the myriad ecological and energy problems facing our world. Panels spanned topics as diverse as sustainable food, green design and ecologically responsible fishery management.

Despite the disparate nature of these topics, one idea that emerged at panel after panel was the concept that certain things cost us far more than what we actually pay for them, otherwise known as Externalized Costs. [Read more…]

I Miss the Ocean

Austin, Texas has a lot of things. What it does not have is an ocean. Given that I grew up fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico, near Galveston, Texas, I thought that I...

Giant Fake Cupcake, FTW!

Going through my iPhoto library, I found this picture of a giant fake cupcake. It’s from the Louis Vuitton window display last spring. It must be all the time playing “house” as a child,...

Fantastic ALIENS Baby Shower Cake!

I wanted to share this picture of the cake that my friends (known as “The Charlie’s”) made for their own baby shower cake. Because every single time I look at a picture of this cake, I think how awesome it is.