Down with the Patriarchy!

Because Patriarchy just won’t go away. Text on shirt reads “Fuck Your Misogynist Bullshit Forever.” Photo taken at the Stargayzer Festival, Austin, Texas 2014.  


Fighting The Scammers

When I was little, my parents ran a business out of our house. Since it was the 70s, most business came in through the telephone. From about the time I could speak, I was...

Aaron Allston memorial--14

Remembering Aaron Allston

Last year we were sad to report the death of Star Wars universe science fiction writer  Aaron Allston. There was a memorial service/ celebration of life for Aaron in Austin, Texas a little over a year...


This Miss Piggy Mashup Is The Best

I’ve been a huge fan of Miss Piggy since I was in elementary school, taking Miss Piggy’s Guide To Life as my fashion/style/lifestyle bible when I was 12. I was not alone in doing...