ANNAINAUSTIN...and Company!

Flat Stanley at the James Bay Austin City Limits Taping

Flat Stanley Comes to Austin

My cousin’s son’s friend, Stanley, just came for a visit to Austin, Texas. Since Stanly is quite tiny, he is able to travel by envelope.  Traveling by envelope is nearly as good as traveling...

Yorgos Lanthimos, Tim League, THE LOBSTER, Fantastic Fest 2015

The Lobster

The new film The Lobster opens next week. It’s a quirky love story in a dystopian world where coupledom is strictly enforced, and there are major consequences for not falling into a steady partnership....


Burn the Witch: Radiohead Stop Motion Terror

As you may know, Radiohead just came out with a new single–just after obsessively erasing their Internet presence. The stop motion single takes a look at the dark side of “Merrie Olde England” and...