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Blair Witch for Modern Times

  A lot of horror films are all about the struggles of those left behind, as the survivors of whatever “big bad” is picking them off one by one. The new Blair Witch film...

Get Your Halloween Theater On

It’s October: which means not only our many Austin festivals, but my continuing over-involvement with the charity spook house Scare For a Cure. If you want to see me in person this month, buy...

Here’s Hoping that this Fantastic Fest Will Be Less Bro-tastic Than Last Year

Ever since Fantastic Fest started in 2005, I’ve told everyone how amazing this sci-fi and horror film festival is. I’ve shared how much fun I’ve had, and how many friends I’ve made there. I’ve got a framed poster for the first year of the festival hanging in my hallway at home.

So it took me a long time to admit to myself how this had turned from a sweet little film festival with a bunch of film nerd folks, to what seemed like a gathering of the nerd juggalos at Fantastic Fest 2012.