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Life on Mars on GIRLS

If you’ve been watching Lena Dunham‘s show GIRLS, you may have heard a haunting cover of Life on Mars that lingered over the end credits as Shoshanna walked down a lonely street in Japan. This is...

It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas! Time for a photo gallery of some of my favorite Christmas pictures! Photos taken in spots from Texas to Tokyo.

Merry Halloween! In Japan!

When I was in Japan last year, I took a few pictures of decor for the upcoming Halloween holiday. You can read about the emergence of Halloween in Japan here.

Samurai Culture is in for Christmas

 A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to spend nearly the whole month of December in Japan. I fell in love with Japanese food–not just sushi–and realized just how little I really...

Someone used one of my pictures! Again!

Oh look, someone used one of my pictures in a blog post. It’s the little things that matter.But, let’s be honest. Not many people other than me would be taking pictures of a 7-11...