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Praha (Prague) Aug 2, 2011

My brother-in-law is going to Prague for the first time later this month, to do a bit of work for his company. It’s his first trip to Eastern Europe. This post is for him....

Sounds of the Budapest Subway….

One of the things I loved most about Budapest was the sounds that the vintage subway made. It’s the cutest subway in the world!
I have no idea why these sounds aren’t offered as standard text tones on the iPhone!

Other people write about Latvia!

One of the curious things about regularly visiting a small country where you don’t speak the language is that when you leave, it’s like the country–except for your friends– vanishes from your world. Good...

I Haven’t Been to England Since Clinton was President.

A note to my regular readers: the following blog post is my entry in the Blog Away contest. With luck, I’ll be blogging about the Royal Wedding firsthand, not from what I see on the telly:
I haven’t been to England since Clinton was in office, and I realize that this is a very long time to avoid visiting a country where they nearly speak the same language. The upcoming Royal Wedding has made me realize that I might have missed a few things in England.

Things You Find when you Google Yourself!

I create things, then I forget all about them. Once I’ve published something–or posted a picture on flickr—I tend to forget about whatever it is. I’ve never really been all that curious about how people interact with what I create, once a window of about three days has passed.

I figure, if I spelled anyone’s name wrong, or forgot anything important, it would turn up during that three days. (Three days is, not un-coincidentally, about the turnaround for a huffy letter-to-the-editor to arrive, citing exactly what someone is unhappy about. Trust me on this.)