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Nashville Film Festival 2020*

BY JASON T SPARKS About a year ago, on this very website, I wrote the following:  Going to a film festival is its own experience. For the most part, it’s a positive experience. By...

The Vast of Night

While the Pentagon just confirmed the sighting of UFO’s, that hadn’t yet happened in 1950s America. There were rumors, mysterious objects in the night sky and starchy government confirmations of…weather balloons. This film places...


As I roll through another international neighborhood, I begin to notice the locals are mostly in Cubs gear, and all walking towards the same thing. Turns out I’m driving towards it—Irving Park intersects with West Addison, as in 1060 West Addison, AKA Wrigley Field, AKA the official address of one Elwood Blues. I can’t believe my luck—I wanted to experience this town, and this one road appears to be giving me Peak Chicago.

Bad News Outside The Bar

On the Saturday where Space X became the first company to launch astronauts into orbit while my friends were out protesting the murder of Floyd George, I was out on an errand between Houston...

On #SXSW2020

See Anna’s column on the SXSW that didn’t happen, in today’s Dallas Morning News. Click here to read about “Not by Not West.”

Tool Kit For Life

I have tried to keep a similar cigar box—sometimes a literal cigar box, next to my own recliner, sometimes (usually) a briefcase or backpack that I carry with me everywhere I go. I have compiled a list here of the 42 things I’d ideally have in my cigar box (or carry in a backpack; all 42 would not fit in a cigar box, but most would)—the things that, as far as I’m concerned, will prepare you for whatever you encounter.

Through Space, Time and Middle America, Part One: Wind Turbines, Cheese Fries, Intermodal Stations, and Bottlezahwatahzahdollah (A trip before the Coronavirus.)

by Jason T. Sparks, Our Man in Nashville I look back now on May of 2018 as a kind of—pardon the bastardized Latin—month mirablius. I had started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for...

Gretel and Hansel

The Grimm fairy tales tell us of steps that people take to survive when they are in need. Many of us in modern America are so far removed from the real pressures of want...