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Photo: Spiral Staircase in Latvia

In the last few weeks I’ve been spending time sorting through the treasures I’ve found on various planets, upgrading various bits of hardware, and dealing with a lot of off camera hooha that has to...

Hong Kong Kitty

This is one of the many cats in the Western District of Hong Kong, ironically the least “western” area of Hong Kong.

I Miss the Ocean

Austin, Texas has a lot of things. What it does not have is an ocean. Given that I grew up fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico, near Galveston, Texas, I thought that I...

Giant Fake Cupcake, FTW!

Going through my iPhoto library, I found this picture of a giant fake cupcake. It’s from the Louis Vuitton window display last spring. It must be all the time playing “house” as a child,...

Read Instead

This is from a bookstore in Cambridge, Mass.