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My Pictures Spotted in The Wild: March

When I take pictures and release them into the wild, I never know where they will end up. One of my pictures from Hong Kong was used by Business Insider UK, for a story...

It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas! Time for a photo gallery of some of my favorite Christmas pictures! Photos taken in spots from Texas to Tokyo.

Call God

I found a pay phone in Pasadena, Texas where you can call God. This may be the best re-use of a pay phone ever! Call God from this pay phone in #Pasadena, Texas.

I Have More Pictures On the Internets!

Somehow I missed a picture of the Austin “Game of Thrones” Pedicabs at SXSW appearing in this Mashable article during SXSW this year! I was amused to see a picture of Imagine Dragons that...