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A New Song With an 80s Sound

While music from established people isn’t really our thing, this 80s-ish tune from Daphne Guinness tends to stick in the head, is worth a listen. h/t The Cut

Why We Go To Festivals

In case you missed it, here is the long story on festivals that was in the Dallas Morning News.

Thor and Friends

Have you seen Thor & Friends, the musical collective from Austin’s Thor Harris? Earlier this winter, the group played a show at the Lemon Lounge in Austin, in support of their new record, The...

On Community…in Prison

One of the wildest bits of the soft opening night of the 2017 Day for Night festival was the mini talking-head summit, with a chat between transgender soldier Chelsea Manning (who served time in...

Glam Rock 70s via The Lemon Twigs

Some years you go to Couchella, some years you catch the Couchella you can. Here are The Lemon Twigs, channeling 70s glam rock. Make your own Couchella here.

Gorillaz at Printworks, London

I’m thrilled to welcome a new contributor the the site! Welcome Chris Marron, self-described Britpop burnout and Man about (London) town! Marron gives us a first person account of the recent intimate Gorillaz show...