Author: Anna

The Fall Busy Time in Austin Is Over! Yea!

If you don’t live in Austin, you may not know that the period between the middle of September and the middle of November is a full on sprint of activities, conferences and festivals. If you don’t know me in real-life, you may not know that every October, I also participate in the guerrilla theater production of Scare For a Cure.
That means by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m just done. I hardly have the energy to put a felt pumpkin out on the table.

Faces and Moments of Fun Fun Fun Fest

                                 When a cutting-edge festival has nearly 25,000 attendees and three days of acts spread across four stages, it takes multiple posts to capture the event. Here Anna Hanks was set loose to roam around the...

Estonian band “Ewert and the Two Dragons” Played in Austin This Fall!

Earlier this fall, I slipped down to Stubb’s to catch a rare Austin performance from my favorite Estonian band “Ewert and the Two Dragons,” while they were on their first cross-country American tour

The band played the inside room at Stubb’s on Red River, and I think they made a few new fans!

Merry Halloween! In Japan!

When I was in Japan last year, I took a few pictures of decor for the upcoming Halloween holiday. You can read about the emergence of Halloween in Japan here.

This Weekend Was My First Trip to Art Outside

This weekend was my first trip to Art Outside, the weekend festival that had music and art scatted across the campground of Apache Pass.
Due to a death in the family , I was only able to drop into the festival for a few hours on Sunday.

What Year Is This? Skeeviest “Job” Posting In “Writing Gigs” on Austin Craigslist!

Every so often I look at the Craigslist writing ads, figuring that there might be something useful mixed in among the dreadfulness. Sometimes the cresting point of the dreadfulness is so high that you can’t help but notice it, point at it, and spend time mocking it!

This morning I found a fabulous offer in with the Craigslist “writing” ads, though I suspect that the only writing going on here is what other people will be writing about this job opening!