Author: Anna

Suite Memories

Tiffany Ross wants to be a ballerina, a dream that has her mother traveling up and down Interstate 35 as regularly as a long-haul trucker. In order for the 13 year old to study...

Pets Don’t Go Gently

Love is a “many-footed” thing, at least in the eyes of many pet owners. These days, many of them are going to great lengths to keep that love — and their pets — around...

Campus Polo Clubs Are Few but Ardent

Most college polo players come to the sport knowing how to ride a horse, but never having played polo. Terry Jones, the faculty adviser for the New Mexico State club, says most of the polo players are from small agricultural communities in that state.

Book Review: Rolling the Bones

. . . Rolling the Bones by Kyle Jarrard Steerforth Press, 320 pp., $24 Rolling the Bones is like one of those pokey rides at the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. You drift along...

Wrestling: It’s Acting and it Takes Practice

It’s a cast straight out of a professional wrestling story line. There is a 13-year-old boy who recently made his wrestling debut; the Bouncer with life-threatening illnesses; the shy herbalist who sports attitude in the ring; and a former architect now wrestling professionally in Japan.