Friday Night at Positivus is American Night!

Having loved the Pixies for forever and forever and forever, it’s hard to believe that this coming Friday Night, I’ll be seeing them at the Positivus Festival in Salacgriva, Latvia.

The Pixies were a band that spring from the thriving Boston music scene of the late 80s. Despire famously breaking up by fax (!) in the early 90s, they are totally back, even with a new album out.

Origianl bassist Kim Deal is no longer with the band, but this is a great early history of the Pixies.

Friday night at Positivus also includes Max├»mo Park, where you can clearly hear the influence of Pixies in their song “Girls Who Play Guitars”

Also headlining Positivus on Friday night, but in a different American music direction than the Pixes, is American turntable magician Grandmaster Flash

Limber up your dancing moves, dude still has the party vibe as he proved at South by Southwest this past spring. That’s no surprise, as Grandmaster Flash just about invented the party vibe in the 70s!

Get your American and American-influenced dancing movies ready for Friday night at Positivus!

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