Note from a reader

Dear readers:

I’ve decided to introduce a new feature, featuring some of the e-mail that I get to my website. Let me know what you think.

On Saturday I wrote a column for the Dallas Morning News on the film Colossal and North Korea.

On Sunday I got this email to this website from a reader of the Dallas Morning News. They somehow forgot to sign it.

Dear Anna, I just finished reading your viewpoint entitled “a colossal mistake” in my dallas morning news. Because I saw this movie with one of my favorite actresses, Anne Hathaway, I read your article expecting a insightful and maybe humorous review. Instead, I read a rambling viewpoint about North Korea and memories of childhood and lightweight pop political commentary with an obligatory jab at President Trump. Bottom line – what a colossal waste of time reading your viewpoint this morning. Did you have a deadline to meet and slept in late?

If you’d like a bigger audience for your letters, please send your missive as a “letter to the editor” of the publication that published the piece in question.

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