Last Week Was Intense

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3 Responses

  1. Cathy Estes Sparks (@NashvilleCath) says:

    Did they have you apply frozen peas (in the bag)? That seems to now be de rigueur. W/ my mom’s ptosis surgery, & Dad’s cataracts, they were dually prescribed to soothe & reduce swelling. We still have Mom’s cataracts to go…hard to escape age w/o one’s eyes going wonky, it seems. Our nearly 16 y/o kitty has them, too. Glad he’s now raring to go; hope the pro-procedure momentum lasts until they can shoehorn him into the eye doc’s schedule! Happy to hear Mr. Spanky’s doing so well, too. It’s quite upsetting to have one’s fur-babe ill. Hope he continues to improve, & that the rest of the fam does, too. You’re a wonderful daughter & pup-mum! The fact that you also craft a fine sentence, & snap a good image doesn’t hurt, either. :)

    • Anna says:

      Nope, no one told us to put frozen peas on anything this go round of surgical repair work. But it might happen in the future!

  2. Cathy Estes Sparks (@NashvilleCath) says:

    Meant to put my kitty comment in parentheses. The “he” I refer to thereafter, is, of course, your Dad. Sorry. Loopy Lupus brain. :/