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Trump vs. Manhattan South

You can read about Anna going to the Trump arraignment in the Dallas Morning News here. Photos from the day below:

Tornado Hits My Hometown

You can read Anna’s column about the Houston area tornado that hit her hometown of Deer Park in the Dallas Morning News here.

More Tanya Tucker!

Anna’s review of the new Tanya Tucker documentary (from SXSW) can be seen on the Canadian site Get Reel Movies!

Dreams Stay With You

Ed note: This post was written in December 2021. It was held until September for reasons that will become clear below. By Jason T Sparks On social media I subscribe to virtually every group...

On Holiday With Mr. Covid

Read Anna’s column in the Dallas Morning News about getting Covid while she was on holiday in Spain for the Primavera Sound music festival. Original story online

Marcel The Shell

Check out my review of the adorable new feature film “Marcel The Shell With Shoes On” over on the Canadian film site Get Reel Movies! Marcel is the Mollusk of the Moment for a...