Author: Anna

Jojo Rabbit @ Nashville Film Festival

  Nashville Film Festival Coverage via Jason Sparks Our Man In Nashville The argument goes something like this: the problem with blockbuster, big-budget, “popcorn movies”—or, as they’re usually called now, superhero movies—is that they are or...

Looking forward to JUDY

    The new biopic about Judy Garland, starring Renée Zellweger, looks like it’s going to be AMAZING, tho it looks like living with the actual Judy Garland wasn’t much fun.  

Pinhole Project at Burning Man 2018

Here is some documentary coverage of the Pinhole Project shooting at Burning Man 2018. See some of the photos from the 2018 project here. The 55 gallon drums are the cameras, and the paper...

Art of Burning Man 2018

As we approach Burning Man 2019, we are continuing our series on the art of Burning Man 2018…

Art of Burning Man 2018

Here’s more from our series on the art of Burning Man 2018