Oh, Canada! On Canadian Nationalism

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2 Responses

  1. Cath Sparks says:

    This actually answered quite a few questions I’ve long pondered about both Quebec, and the degree of “French-ness” it embodies. I’m a bit torn, as a direct ancestor of mine was held prisoner there in 1775, and being tainted with “Irish Alzheimer’s”, I’m still a tad miffed. Still, if you can make peace with the mixed marriage of national identities at play enough to explore it this thoroughly, I suppose I can forgive Quebec for once housing my 7th great-grandfather’s gaol.

    • Byron King says:

      Cathy, Thanks for the response. As you can probably sense, while I thoroughly enjoyed my time in both cities, my head preferred Toronto, while my heart preferred Montreal. Its deep, but rather sad, faith both touched and startled me. Given my history, some of which I shared above I identify in various ways with both cities and both halves of Canada’s bifurcated soul. I want to and need to return at some point to continue my investigations.