Photo Recap of SXSW Eco 2015!

  • untitled-2573
    Green building materials
  • untitled-2859
    Closing Night Party
  • untitled-2851
    Closing Night Party
  • untitled-2847
    Closing Night Party
  • untitled-2845
    Closing Night Party
  • untitled-2812
    James Redford and Dale Ross, Mayor of Georgetown, Texas
  • untitled-2737
    Project that transformed a TV stand
  • untitled-2731
    Downtown Austin, Texas
  • untitled-2707
    "Professor Dumpster" and the dumpster he used to live in!
  • untitled-2705
    "Professor Dumpster" and the dumpster he used to live in!
  • untitled-2700
  • untitled-2682
    Happy Hour
  • untitled-2679
    Happy Hour
  • untitled-2650
    Keynote by Isha Datar (R): Food of the Future: The Post-Animal Bioeconomy
  • untitled-2582
  • untitled-2575
    Biomimicry table
  • Daniel Sauter,  SXSW Eco 2015-2760
    Daniel Sauter
  • untitled-2565
    Green building materials
  • untitled-2559
  • untitled-2558
    Lamp made from a mushroom
  • untitled-2556
    Virtual reality
  • untitled-2550
    Destroying Capitalism
  • untitled-2505
    Panel on "The Hamburger of the Future"
  • untitled-2494
    Happy Hour Hanging Out
  • untitled-2486
    Happy Hour Happiness
  • untitled-2476
    Professor Dumpster
  • untitled-2450
    Trade show boots
  • untitled-2448
    The bee booth
  • Press Lunch, SXSW Eco 2015-2419
    Press Lunch L'Estelle House
  • Open Innovation Challenge, Inspired by Nature presented by The Biomimicry Institute-2411
    Open Innovation Challenge contestant
  • Lose Less, Change More- Impact Investing in Africa, SXSW Eco 2015-2544
    Lose Less, Change More- Impact Investing in Africa

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