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We Feed People

During a disaster it’s hard to get a hot meal. That’s why the nonprofit World Central Kitchen is operating multiple locations in Poland, providing solid meals to some of the nearly 4 million refugees fleeing the Russian invasion.

32 Sounds: A review

You can check out Anna’s South by Southwest review of the movie 32 SOUNDS in the Canadian film site GET REEL MOVIES! Click here to read!

Valentine’s for the Single

If you’d like to read Anna’s take on Valentine’s Day, about how it can be more than just “Singles Awareness Day” for the Dallas Morning News, click here.

No Rumpled Female Detectives, Please

Stuck inside with this wave of Omicron, I’ve been watching a lot of old television, from Murder She Wrote to Columbo. All that telly consumption illustrated that we have a long history of rumpled,...

January Haters Club

Screaming “I HATE JANUARY” out loud for the zillionth time this week, it occurred to me that I’m probably not alone. Following closely on the cries of “Happy New Year” is one ugly slog...

It’s January, Be Nice To Yourself

Every January we are bombarded with fitness plans, weight loss guides and painfully basic advice on how to have the perfect home via decluttering and massive organizing. We are presented with endless and awful...