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Tool Kit For Life

I have tried to keep a similar cigar box—sometimes a literal cigar box, next to my own recliner, sometimes (usually) a briefcase or backpack that I carry with me everywhere I go. I have compiled a list here of the 42 things I’d ideally have in my cigar box (or carry in a backpack; all 42 would not fit in a cigar box, but most would)—the things that, as far as I’m concerned, will prepare you for whatever you encounter.

Through Space, Time and Middle America, Part One: Wind Turbines, Cheese Fries, Intermodal Stations, and Bottlezahwatahzahdollah (A trip before the Coronavirus.)

by Jason T. Sparks, Our Man in Nashville I look back now on May of 2018 as a kind of—pardon the bastardized Latin—month mirablius. I had started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for...

This Is Wrestling: The Joey Ryan Story

Nashville Film Festival Coverage via Jason Sparks, Our Man in Nashville The first few scenes of This Is Wrestling: The Joey Ryan Story consist of director James Agiesta conducting a survey—asking random people if...