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Kurt Cobain Tribute On The Beach

I was surprised to find a clear Kurt Cobain/Nirvana tribute overlooking the Atlantic, not far from the Newburyport Harbor Light.

I Have More Pictures On the Internets!

Somehow I missed a picture of the Austin “Game of Thrones” Pedicabs at SXSW appearing in this Mashable article during SXSW this year! I was amused to see a picture of Imagine Dragons that...

“The Black Angels” Austin City Limits taping.

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to go to the Austin City Limits TV taping of The Black Angels. This is the second time this year that I’ve seen the band, as I was lucky enough to see them at Austin Psych Fest.
At the taping I ran into two older friends of mine, who are grown-up enough to have hippie friends from hippie times.

First Day at Positivus: A Quick Update

It’s 2:30 in the morning on this festival on the edge of the Gulf of Riga. The wind is blowing, the temps have dropped, and beachside activities have been cancelled. But otherwise the festival...

The Time Wayne Coyne and I Called Latvia, Woke Up My Friend, and Gave the Latvian Tabloids Some Copy!

When I heard the Flaming Lips were playing a SXSW show at Auditorium Shores, I couldn’t help think about the last time that the Flaming Lips played a large show in Austin.

Back in 2010, I was working on a column about people with disabilities at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. I ran across Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of the Flaming Lips in the festival’s media area. He was waiting for an interview with MTV, I was trying to stay in the shade so I didn’t melt.

Guest Post: Robert Arjet Takes On the Audi Super Bowl XLVII Prom Commercial

I’m thrilled to bring you my very first guest post on this site, written by my very, very clever friend Robert Arjet. When he hinted at this take on a Super Bowl commercial on social media, I invited him to write the post below!

By Robert Arjet
I’m a big fan of the Super Bowl commercials. That means that every year, after the game, I get involved in discussions about the best and the worst and (sadly) the most offensive. This year I was participating in a Facebook comment thread about the pointing out the gender issues of Audi’s Superbowl ad, and someone else said one of the things that just gets right under my skin during conversations like this. They said: “You’re thinking about it waaaay too much.”