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The “Red Dawn” remake is TERRIBLE…as are the fan reactions!

As you may have heard, the remake of the 1984 cult classic “Red Dawn” is a terrible film. Watching it isn’t worth the time and trouble it takes, and it makes me cry for the earth’s resources that were wasted in constructing this bomb. It’s currently in the theater, where name recognition alone may hoodwink innocent eyeballs into paying money to watch this confused mess.

Old Enough to Play the Austin City Limits Music Festival…But Not Always Old Enough To Vote

Of all the artists playing the 2012 Austin City Limits Music Festival, Abby Torres, 16 and Carla Pantoja 16, may be the only performers who managed to squeeze in a marching band competition that October weekend.

Torres and Pantoja are members of the Lanier High School band who also study music via Anthropos Arts, an Austin-based non-profit providing music lessons to dedicated young performers from at risk backgrounds. The project’s supporters include musician Esperanza Spalding, who popped by the Anthropos booth at ACL to pose for pictures after her Friday afternoon show.

I Miss the Ocean

Austin, Texas has a lot of things. What it does not have is an ocean. Given that I grew up fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico, near Galveston, Texas, I thought that I...

Sex and the Secret Service

I suspect that you’ve heard about the Secret Service sex scandal where President Obama’s advance team in Cartagena, Colombia allegedly hired prostitutes, then failed to pay at least one of them. While the investigation...