Book Club: Why it’s Easy to Fall in Love via Letters.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I, too, mourn the dearth of female characters w/ the acerbic wit of Dorothy Parker, & the bookish vibe of Eleanor Roosevelt, so, perhaps I’ll seek out this book on goodwillbooks or at my local McKay’s (I know I’ve seen that crumpled store credit around here, somewhere). It’s very simple to see a # of reasons one could find oneself “hopelessly smitten” (Barf.), after a barrage of well-crafted missives. In writing, there are no awkward pauses, or ill-formed, spontaneous blurts of idiocy, spouted by a nervous, darting tongue. The written word gives us the opportunity to “massage” the language, into its highest & best form. We can be anything—a sweeter, neater, more complete(r) self— w/ time, soul-searching, unwitnessed head-scratching, & copious amounts of correction fluid. Best foot forward, & all that. Words, captured for posterity, are forever, & can be read time-and-again, until they are known, by heart. How do I know this? 22+ years later, my own dear hubs can recite several of the corniest, but sweetest, lines of prose, that a 17 year old late bloomer could pen, to a barely 16 year old, already experienced “girl juggler”.
    (Dispatches from a church youth trip, no less…)/SIGH/ *mini-barf*